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My Top 20 for 2015!

My Top 20 for 2015!

Another wonderful year has passed! When my memory starts to fade, this collective recap of 2015 highlights of my life will help me to immortalize these treasured memories.

Thank You, Father, for a memorable 2015. I continue to trust in Your constantly bountiful grace and claim yet another fruitful and blessed year ahead this 2016, filled with awe and wonder!

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# 1
Balloons Birthday Surprise

Thoughtful birthday surprise by colleagues. Helium balloons not allowed in our office so they individually stuck on the ceiling (karir, na-touch ako!) balloons inflated with ordinary air and tied “life strings” with photos documenting happy memories from my past ** years. 🙂

# 2
Papal Visit

Being one of the multitude along Roxas Boulevard blessed by the Pope as he passed by in his Pope Mobile. Viva il Papa! 79 years old but he still made the effort of standing in a moving vehicle, waving left and right and smiling at all those who waited and came out to see him. #PapalVisitPH #PopeFrancisPH

# 3
Powering Progress Together (Year 2)

Successfully leading the “Shell Powering Progress Together Asia” 2015 conference with a great lineup of speakers. Received Quill and Anvil public relations awards for advocacy and special event entry categories. Furthered the advocacy on multi-sector collaboration and action towards greater societal resilience towards challenges on urbanisation, energy-water-food resource-efficiency, and climate change.

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# 4
Boracay Adventures

  • Yoga posing in the air with Bestie Elaine while parasailing in Boracay
  • Usisera with Mich sa beach wedding in Discovery Shores. Kunyari we were just chilling by the sunbathers’ beach chairs but we were actually enjoying watching the entourage and listening to the sweet vows made by the bride and groom. I think we even waved our arms in the air as they were taking drone shots for the wedding video (wedding video bombers!)
  • Trying out the Reiki session at Mandala Spa. Unusual spa session as the Reiki therapist doesn’t really massage you but just extends her hands on your energy points (chakras) from head to toe. Surprisingly, I felt very relaxed that I even dozed off (then I very much felt the “cleansing” effect of the Reiki session with several trips to the bathroom while waiting for our return flight to Manila at Caticlan airport! TMI, haha!).

# 5
First Summer Holiday with All Four Fur Babies

It was a major production going on our first summer beach outing with all my four dogs (Bubbles, Blu, Yodie and Red). We had a 7-hour road trip (lots of pee stopovers for my fur babies, you see) to Anda, Pangasinan, also known as the Boracay of the North. I have happy memories of Red frolicking wild and free (leash-less, I must say! I’m a proud dog mum!) in the crystal clear beach waters; Holding hands in the bangka with Bubbles and Blu who were as scared as I was by the big waves met by our small boat during the long boat ride from Anda to Alaminos (Hundred Islands), Pangasinan. The manong bangkeros kept saying, “Malapit lang, ma’am!” but it took us 1.5 hours to cross the big, blue, wild ocean; Letting fur kids Bubbles and Blu roam one of the secluded islets (Blu swimming towards me and making a u-turn back to shore whenever he feels the water is too deep already); My niece Faith and I back floating by day and videokeing by night; The yummy home-cooked meals and cool breeze at the two-storey beach house we rented; Trying to light up the paper lantern with mommy; stop over at Bolinao hot springs and offering up prayers at Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine on our way home (last time I made a pilgrimage there was when Lola Sol was still alive and we brought her to the church in a wheelchair).

# 6
Resilience Projects

Automated Weather Stations (AWS). Successful installation and launch of the AWS network in Iloilo and Davao cities, with well-attended, multi-sector Climate Resilience seminars. This Powering Progress Together initiative is led by Shell, in partnership with Manila Observatory and Smart Communications. The AWS network aims to help local governments boost their disaster preparedness efforts by making real-time and localized weather data available.

Future Cities Exhibit launch. Part of our Shell Powering Progress Together advocacy to promote urban and environmental resilience by educating the public, especially the youth, on the essential components of smart, green and sustainable cities. This is a partnership project with the Mind Museum in Taguig.

# 7

I am an absolute lover of slides! Felt like a kid again experiencing Nivea Slidefest, a slide party for both kids and adults. Absolutely loved the foam slide! (Video to follow)

# 8
Iloilo Adventures

  • Visit to the breathtaking Miagao Church, UNESCO World Heritage site (opened in 1797; Baroque architecture). Very solemn atmosphere and couldn’t help get teary-eyed as I knelt down and prayed. Even saw a poster of St. Pedro Poveda, founder of our school, inside the church 🙂
  • Tour of the Lopez Mansion (also known as Nelly’s Gardens) in Jaro – it is the Queen of Heritage Houses in Iloilo, with aristocratic Beaux-Arts architecture. It gives a glimpse of the extravagant lifestyle of one of Iloilo’s most affluent families during the American Period.
  • A trip to Guimaras island, famous for producing the sweetest mangoes in the world (the mango pizza at “The Pitstop” resto was heavenly!). Went to the mango orchard, bought a mango seedling and cartons of mangoes as pasalubong for family and colleagues.
  • Of course, we did not leave Iloilo City without tasting its famous La Paz Batchoy at the town market.

# 9
Skycycle Challenge

It doesn’t look scary from below but once you’re up there about to launch yourself high up in the air with just a tight rope to pedal your way through, way above the pine trees, you suddenly get butterflies in your stomach! When you start to get the hang of it, though, skycycling becomes a breeze and exhilarates your spirit as you allow yourself to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the cool wind that surrounds you. Eden Nature Park in Davao is definitely a haven for nature and adventure enthusiasts. To know more:

Eden Nature Park

# 10
Re-Experiencing Malaysia

We used to travel to Malaysia yearly for work (which explains my accumulation of their local brand of Vincci shoes) but it’s been quite some time since I’ve been there. We usually stay in Kuala Lumpur but this time we stayed in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Beside the Royale Chulan Damansara Hotel, where the ASEAN Responsibility Forum we attended was held, were a chain of restos and large malls/outlet stores (The Curve, Paradigm mall, Tesco). The vibe in this area is more relaxed than Kuala Lumpur and this city is also much cleaner. At night we enjoyed trying out the restos (the Japanese resto Minori served the best salmon sashimi!) and of course I enjoyed the usual hunting for locally branded shoes and clothes. The 1.5 hour massage at Thai Odyssey was also one of the best I’ve had. 🙂 I also trooped to Sephora for make-up and anti-ageing products.

# 11
Mommy’s 70th Birthday at Sonya’s Garden

My mom has a green thumb and even in our space-constrained condominium in the middle of smog-ridden Metro Manila, you’ll be amazed to see that she is able to grow pots and pots of plants! So what better way to treat her to her 70th birthday than to bring her to Sonia’s Garden Bed & Breakfast in Tagaytay — a haven of nature’s beauty and serenity. Our family enjoyed the cozy Thyme Cottage, tried Sonya’s signature massage at their Garden Spa, and at dinner surprised mom with a birthday song serenade from their lolo guitarist – kundiman singer, together with Sonya’s kitchen staff who brought in their famous moist chocolate cake with a candle and happy birthday inscription. The next day we did the garden tour, went shopping (my fave activity!) at their country store (with great-smelling lavender and mint shampoos, and lots of trinkets), and brought home free potted plants (mint, taragon and an additional free passion flower plant for birthday mom courtesy of Sonya herself). It was a relaxing weekend of just chilling and enjoying the surrounding beauty.

# 12
“Healing Power of Happiness” Talk
& Brahma Kumaris “Inner Peace, Inner Power” Retreat

I attended the very enlightening talk of international speaker Denise Lawrence on the “Healing Power of Happiness”. I promise to share about the nuggets of wisdom she shared in a separate blog entry as it definitely merits one. I brought my younger bro with me (hope he picked up something from the talk!) and we each got a pastry. As with all Brahma Kumaris events, they end it by giving everyone sweets to remind us to speak kind words always. Mine had the words: “Empty yourself of past resentment, anger and sadness to fill it with love and pure happiness. Happy Christmas!” 

The  story of the “Inner Peace, Inner Power” Retreat I attended can be read here.

# 13
Successful Access to Energy Pilot Project

One of my key accomplishments in 2015 is the successful launch of our pilot Access to Energy (rural electrification) project for an indigenous community (the Batak tribe) in Puerto Princesa. Together with the dedicated programme workers of Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. (PSFI), the social arm of Shell Philippines, we were able to install a hybrid energy system, operating on runoff river hyrdro, with solar and diesel as backup energy support. It was a feat delivering this project to the off-grid community, having to traverse 11 river crossings and protect ourselves from malaria exposure. Today, the community has lighting 24-7, with energy access supporting the tribal people’s education, livelihood and healthcare. The project is a recipient of the 2015 Shell CEO HSSE and Social Performance Special Merit Award for “Excellence in Social Performance”.

Below is a heartwarming 6-minute video documentary produced by Storytellers on the Shell Philippines Access to Energy pilot project.

# 14
Historic Malampaya Phase 3 Platform
Towout and Installation

I am so glad that I started working in Shell Philippines Exploration, operator of the Malampaya Deep Water Gas to Power Project (government project that provides up to 30% of the country’s electricity requirements through cleaner-burning natural gas), at a historical period, when the project was embarking on its next phases of development (Malampaya Phases 2 and 3 or MP2 and MP3). We supported the project team that successfully designed, constructed, towed out and installed the first offshore platform that is made for Filipinos by Filipinos. The MP3 Platform is a product of Filipino ingenuity and collaboration of about 14 different nationalities, all contributing their expertise to keep the lights on in our homes, cities and industries. I was able to help host then Energy Secretary Carlos Jericho Petilla to his first visit to the Malampaya platforms (with the MP3 Depletion-Compression Platform just newly-installed and connected to the existing Shallow Water Platform). It truly is a proud time to be Filipino!

# 15
Mindoro Community Visit

  • First time to try Veggie Lechon (tastes like the real thing! they say it is made of casava). Photo below holding a tray of Veggie Chicharon (yes, with my lioness hair straight from swimming in the beach) available at “Dad and Me Cafe” in Calapan, Mindoro.
  • Visited the fishing communities supported by our Malampaya Foundation, together with our JV partners – tasted fish polvoron (a product innovation), saw how an improvised Fish Aggregating Device looks like (used in one of Mindoro Oriental’s most well-managed marine protected areas), saw Tamaraw Falls and the mangrove boardwalk at Puerto Galera.

# 16
Puerto Princesa – Taytay – El Nido Road Trip

From Puerto Princesa, we took a 5-hour road trip to Taytay (complete with long stretches of bumpy dirt road), and took a short boat ride to Liminangcong, an island community. We visited our community beneficiaries of livelihood and training programmes (mariculture, goat-raising, dress-making, solar technician training) implemented by Malampaya Foundation. It was my first time to sleep under a kulambo (mosquito net)! After Taytay, we hit the road again to proceed to El Nido. Stayed in a cool hostel, Spin Designer Hostel, that had creative and cozy interiors. We got to meet our kayak gear rental beneficiaries.

16 El Nido 9

# 17
Plays and Musicals
(Rak of Aegis, Hamlet, Leading Lady and Bridges of Madison Country)

# 18
Losing Weight! (20 lbs.)

Last August 2015, I met up with my old friend from college, Dawn Shangkuan-Ong, who is still looking as svelte as ever with two kids! She shared with me the LCHF (Low Carb, High Fat) Diet, which she encouraged me to try. I’ve been on so many diets before but was never ever to sustain the weight-loss since it involved ordering prepared diet meals (Southbeach and Cohen-friendly), which I would eventually get tired of (could not bear the same taste anymore; it was my younger bro or my doggies who ended up eating the diet meals). Of course, it was also expensive. With LCHF, I do not need to order prepared diet meals anymore but simply choose what I eat. This means avoiding carbs and sweets! Not easy at first but with self-discipline and determination, I was able to sustain it. This is the most pounds I have ever lost with all diets — 20 pounds in a span of three months. I still need to lose about 10 – 15 pounds to meet my ideal weight (now a little more since I went on a sugar and carb binge during the Christmas break). But I am confident that with perseverance, I will achieve my goal. 🙂

18 Weight-Loss Before and After

# 19

This year I tried to spend as much quality time with my family. My parents are seniors already so love to take them to places where they can relax and enjoy nature. I pray that they may be blessed with good health, peace and joy.

The other family I am blessed with is my Office Family. We have had such a blast this year. One of the funnest things we did was shoot our office Christmas video, which was half of our presentation for our Department (External Relations) Christmas Party. The other half was a live dance! Yes, we’re competitive that way. We may not have won 1st place three years in a row (we were hoping it would be a 3-peat this year) but we sure created winning memories. 🙂

19 Family 2

# 20
Receiving and Giving Kindness

All the people who showed kindness to me in different ways. You know who you are. Thank you for the love. I pray you may be richly blessed by God with His grace.

25 Thank You

*Bonus: I do need to say a Big Thank You for being so lucky again this year and winning major prizes in two raffles. Yehey! Next I claim the big pot money in the lottery! 🙂